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About Cheryl

For decades, Cheryl De Guzman, Head Coach and Founder of CD FITNESS: conscious diligent fitness: strived for achievement in several areas of her life such as earning good grades, playing a few sports, dabbling with music, the arts, and maybe a little too much fun while in college (Go Illini!)  She liked a lot of things, but never really fell in love with many.  

Though fitness is now what she is most passionate about, it was never a central part of her childhood aside from the regular outdoor play, recreational sports teams and competitive Co-Ed cheerleading in her high school years.

Losing her father to pancreatic cancer during her teenage years was a trying time.  At the moment, at 15, she had trouble fully accepting the loss of one of the closest people in her lives to a terminal illness.  The trauma manifested in behaviors that were far from healthy, such as under-eating, binge eating in secret, purging, over-exercising to exhaustion as an outlet to escape sadness or anger, and an obsession with achieving the “perfect body”.

Through a few dark years of what seemed like running on auto-pilot: attending lecture, staying up too late, going out to drink, party, and eat late night grub too often, and repeating the cycle over and over again, the near end of her undergraduate career was close, and it was time for her to shed these old ways. She was going to be a 6th-grade teacher: no more time for the shenanigans!  

There was never a true, one defining moment for Cheryl when it came to changing her lifestyle, but rather a means of timing. It was just right at the time.

A few lingering sentiments from her father that stuck with her when he passed, were: “Take care of your mom and siblings, and most of all, yourself.”

This conscious awareness of leading a life she was proud to live and let alone–healthy and able to live–soon began to unravel itself in her mind.  She became aware that treating her body and mind this way, was not the best way to truly take care of herself, or others.  In her mind, if she wanted to be the best daughter for her widowed mother, the oldest sibling, and 6th-grade teacher she could, it was time to take more control.

In 2011, Cheryl began with running and signing up for 5K’s and half marathons. She became diligent in her time set aside for training, the races she signed up for, and also for making better food choices.  Cheryl started her next fitness journey with her boyfriend, hitting up the local globo gym on breaks from school to finally give lifting weights a chance, and eventually, joining a CrossFit gym post-grad in 2013, where she became married to her one and only goal: doing one strict pull-up.  A year later, with a couple, strict pull-ups under her belt, and several WODs and a few competitions later, Cheryl was approached to get certified in her Level 1 CrossFit certification, and she has not looked back since, from coaching to competing: she found what she loved.

Cheryl graduated with Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign in 2013 and became a middle school teacher in language arts, where she proceeded to teach 6th grade for four years and coached the cheerleading team as well.  She earned her Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification in 2017 and began her nutrition coaching practice along with coaching group and kids fitness at CrossFit Des Plaines as her new full-time job that same year.

Cheryl had spent much of her first year of discovery within the fitness industry to self-identify with several roles: a competitive athlete, a CrossFit coach, a nutrition coach, as well as a lifelong learner.  Upon Cheryl’s enrollment in the Strong Coach class in 2018, she then became fully aligned with her true vision for herself as a coach who advocates for the empowerment of her fellow female family members, peers and clients alike.  With the goals of developing a brand, a mission, and a podcast that shares the stories of some of the women she’s befriended and worked with, CD FITNESS came to be.

CD FITNESS: conscious diligent fitness – was established as a means to empower women to build their strength, confidence, and success through mindful introspection of themselves, intuitive eating, and physical fitness.  It begins with a beginning level of consciousness and continues to become embodied through ongoing diligence.

Our Services

Meal Prep

Do you just have no clue as to what to eat, how much to eat, and when to eat it?

Nutrition Coaching

Support based on personalized goal-setting, nutritional education, and building good eating habits.

Food Log & Review

Consultation with Coach Cheryl upon submission of the client pre-assessment form and food log.

Fitness Coaching

Individuals receive an initial phone consultation with a trainer to address fitness goals

Mindbody Challenge

You receive an initial InBody scan assessment, individualized goals, nutritional guidance, and a post-challenge assessment.


CD Fitness – was established as a means to empower women to build their strength, confidence, and success