Food as Medicine & Taking the Mission out of Meal Prep w/ Personal Chef, Carol Mavarganis

Carol Mavarganis is a mother of 3, who loves to cook for her kids and husband, and now several others. Carol has embarked on her new business, “Carol Cooks for You” as a means to share her joy for creating in the kitchen with real food—mostly Paleo and Whole30.

At one point 8 years ago, Carol was alarmed by some of her daily struggles with her health: brain fog, weight gain, moodiness, and finally: hair loss. Carol was uncertain how to get herself out of this on-going conundrum of battling with herself just to do it all over again the next day.

After seeing a naturopath, and doing some research on her own, Carol was aware that most of this was being caused by food! The things we eat everyday. So she had to change it up or her body was going to continue to presenting its harms until she was ready to heal: also with food.

Upon testing for food sensitivities, the best route for Carol to take was to take on a paleo/Whole30 approach to eating. Since then, her symptoms had decreased, she’s lost the weight, feels lighter and happier, and most of all, she’s sharing this gift of cooking with the family too, and nothing brings her greater joy.

As a means to share this passion for helping others, Carol started Carol Cooks for You, and is a personal chef to individual clients who are looking to have healthy meals prepared to heat & eat, or are looking to learn how to cook in the kitchen, alongside her guidance.  Her website is live and you are able to find her at

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