MindBody Challenge

MindBody Challenge

MindBody Transformation

Individuals who commit to the quarterly MindBody Transformation Challenge overcome one of the hardest parts about creating change: making the commitment.

They have committed to this process of change: which takes time and patience. It endures pain points while yet, it leads them to some major triumphs as well.

Their aim is not perfection, but progression; a change for life.

Together, we will develop your relationship with food, align your daily actions to your overarching goals, and begin your transformation: both mind and body.

MindBody Transformation Challenges run once per quarter and last for 5 weeks.  You receive an initial InBody scan assessment, individualized goals, personalized weekly check-ins, group Facebook support, nutritional guidance, and a post-challenge assessment.  Winners are determined by most body composition change as well as coach evaluation of participant engagement in the 5 weeks.

Learn more about the MindBody Transformation Challenge here.

MindBody Challenge

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Height 70%
Weight 50%
BMI 40%
Age 25%

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