Nutrition 101

Nutrition 101

Looking to change the way you feel, look, and live? Let’s start with food.

Nutrition can be considered as a means to fuel our bodies, but also considered the best preventive medicine.

Each of us has some sort relationship with food–whether it’s a positive or negative one–it’s one we develop throughout our lifetime. This relationship is shaped by several lifestyle factors and can change over time.

There’s SO much to learn about your food!  The first thing to evaluate your current nutrition is to ask yourself this:  Is what I am putting into my body today, helping me live a healthier version of me tomorrow?  Let’s take a look at food’s role in our lives:

Food as fuel:  Food provides us with energy to fulfill our daily tasks, whether we realize it or not. Even the simple act of breathing requires energy! Food also gives us nourishment with nutrients for regular bodily functions.

Food as a part of the culture:  Although food is essential for living, it’s also become a part of our societal norms. We incorporate food and drink for gatherings and celebrations.  We associate it with tradition, camaraderie, and feelings of comfort and belonging. This doesn’t go away just because you have decided to learn more about and act on your nutrition.


COMING THIS JULY 2019: Nutrition 101: 4-week course launch.  Stay tuned!

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